Africa's Leading Conservation Company

Mantis is deep-seated in conservation and ecotourism. Their widespread and complicated series of boutique motels and eco-escapes are all sure by using a unifying goal to raise sensitivity to host locationsí political, environmental and social climates. Within the 12 months leading up to this honourable accolade, mantis has collectively with its associate, accor co-based the community conservation fund africa (ccfa) ñ a registered npo which seeks to develop terrible communities round sport reserves and cities so that it will turn out to be stakeholders in conservation efforts on the ground. Tusk believe, barren region basis africa and african parks are the founding beneficiaries of ccfa and 97% of all the ccfaís earnings is donated to these businesses as this npoís overhead are stored down to administrative fees only. Ranger with rhino

one of the most recent additions to the gathering, lion camp in south luangwa zambia, also carried out a one hundred% carbon neutral fame. They've just celebrated the outlet of the second one luxurious inn on umfolozi large five reserve in kwazulu natal; a mission that mantis is immensely pleased with as it has single-handedly delivered over 6-000 hectares of land to the hluhluwe umfolozi park giving flora and fauna greater space to roam freely. The undertaking is likewise operating on tribal land owned through the local chiefs and their communities who are receiving sustainable benefits from this tourism operation being on their doorstep.