SA Mint Launches Commemorative Coin Series

South africaís 25 young years as a constitutional democracy is the concern of the south african mint organizationís (sa mint) ësa25 ñ celebrating south africaí coin series, which commemorate the rights and freedoms espoused via south africaís charter. This week 25 years in the past, south africans went to the polls inside the usaís first democratic elections following the give up of apartheid rule. To commemorate this milestone, the sa mint has issued new collectable cash in 24-karat gold, sterling silver, and base steel. South africaís charter has been hailed as a record worth emulating as it consists of what constitutional pupils call ëwonderful rightsí. Harvard law faculty pupil cass sunstein has referred to as it ëthe most admirable constitution within the history of the sectorí, whilst ruth bader ginsburg, a u. S.

Very best court docket justice, has praised it for dealing with present day challenges, calling it extra current than the usa charter. Commenting on the new coin collection, tumi tsehlo, handling director of the sa mint, says, ìit's miles our maximum democratic coin thematically. The design ideas come from the ones born in a unfastened south africa in response to what freedom meant to them. We labored with many younger and proficient artists to bring to life their vibrant imagery of constitutional democracy.î